Current exhibition

October 27, 2019 - January 25, 2020

Treeline Gallery is pleased to present Yim Maline’s first solo exhibition in the gallery, The Shadow of Change II. This exhibition features four tissue paper sculptures and ten mixed media works, wall-mounted paper works with many layers.

The title of this exhibition is continuing her series from her solo exhibition in Singapore with Richard Koh Fine Art, The Shadow of Change. For The Shadow of Change II, her works are inspired by her observations and feelings during a recent family trip to the rapidly transforming province of Kampong Som, which is a hotspot for foreign investment and construction in Cambodia, inspiring for Maline a reflection on identity and what is happening in her home country and also for the global environment.

The artist’s ten drawings are inspired from the life-cycle and the nature around her. These drawings are displayed in specially made frames with two layers of glass; one layer in front and one layer at the back, to reflect and reveal the volume of the body of works. At the same time, the four sculptures, titled Sela (Rock), Sam Nol (Remnants), Changkom (Cluster), and Rolok (Waves), are inspired by the waves of life and the changes in society that have significant effects on nature. The artist creates imaginary forms of things she saw during her trip which were then stored as images in her head; these forms are in fact connected to Maline’s internal state of mind, and they document this as witnesses to those complexities and concepts in her work.

“Change is sometimes good, and sometime it isn’t good; it depends on the shadows and effects of change” - Yim Maline


0-11 years