Treeline Urban Resort Executive Suite


We care about our impact on the planet, which is why Treeline is eliminating single-use plastic from the hotel. Working with Plastic Free Cambodia, we are working towards becoming the first plastic free hotel in Cambodia.

  • There is no single-use plastic in our bedrooms. This means:
      • no plastic water bottles or containers – we only use glass and filtered water
      • no plastic bin liners or bags are found in the rooms – all of our packaging is made onsite from linen or cotton (slipper bags, laundry bags, amenity rolls, toilet paper covers and hairdryer bags, for example). Our bins are made from water hyacinth with washable liners
      • no plastic straws – we use bamboo or paper instead
  • We’re not stopping there. Now that our rooms and our front of house operations are completely plastic free, we are continuing our partnership with Plastic Free Cambodia to eliminate all single use plastics from our back of house operations
  • In order to reduce wastage, we do not stock amenities such as a toothbrush or razor in rooms, however these are available on request and all items are eco-friendly, made from wood or bamboo
  • There are no plastic or Styrofoam takeaway containers at Treeline; we use palm leaf and eco-friendly cardboard instead
  • Refill not Landfill refillable aluminum water bottles are available for guests to reduce the need to have plastic water bottles outside of the hotel
  • To reduce energy and water consumption, along with the use of chemicals, we only change the bed linen every 3 days or upon check-out, unless guests request more frequently. We only change towels on request as well
  • We use a solar energy system to heat our water
  • There is no fumigation with toxic chemicals (as many hotels do)
  • We donate our used cooking oil to an organisation called Naga Earth, who make biodiesel from the oil. Treeline then buys back the biodiesel for use in the hotel. The waste product is made into hand soap, which Naga Earth donate to communities through their hygiene education program.
  • We have an advanced sewage system that includes a high tech treatment plant to ensure significant breakdown of waste
  • We compost our food waste onsite
  • We recycle all of our plastic and glass. Our glass bottles are collected and upcycled by GAEA, a solid waste management company that also works with the government and the private sector to raise environmental awareness within the community
  • As an alternative to single-use plastics, we use only biodegradable or reusable packaging products from Siam Eco Pack

"Treeline is a sanctuary that communicates our deep-rooted respect of nature whilst celebrating the vision of contemporary Cambodia"


0-11 years