Permanent collection

Siem Reap may seem like an unlikely location for a flourishing of the arts. However, it has always been part of our heritage. Treeline is located just a short drive from, Angkor Wat, one of the most spectacular examples of Cambodian creativity and a true wonder of the world.

At Treeline we are purveyors of culture, art and design and we are intensely interested in the roots of Cambodian art and how it prevails today. Our private art collection is a reflection and celebration of how contemporary art and design is growing in Cambodia.

Our long term vision is to create the Treeline Art Foundation and launch an artist in residence programme which hosts artists from across ASEAN.

Treeline Hotel in Siem Reap

Treeline’s clean, functional style is combined with living artworks to reflect our deep-rooted veneration of nature, mindful attention to the smallest detail. - Joni Aker, Treeline's General Manager


0-11 years